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Get Customizable Manufacturing Software based on your specific requirements.

Your business demands specialized knowledge. That’s why it’s important to choose a technology partner who not only concentrates on building flexible, leading-edge manufacturing software solutions, but who also has experience delivering results for companies in your particular industry. Finding a manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software partner with in-depth knowledge of your industry who understand Africa in great details can help you achieve success.

Whether manufacturing to order or to stock, using discrete or process methods; engineering to order; or building large project-based assets, EMA’s outstanding flexibility ensures a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan, record, track and control your output. With the option of deploying on premise or in the cloud, or both, and accessed via the web on any device, anywhere, anytime, easily enables you to run a smart factory.
Manufacturing ERP Software Built for your Industry

1.       Automotive Parts and Accessories

Make sure your core processes are flexible enough to adapt to the road ahead.

EMA Automotive ERP – EMA business solutions for Automotive Component manufacturers

SYSPRO automotive manufacturing software provides an integrated view of all operations from production planning and scheduling, to purchasing and invoicing and helps you streamline your business processes, enabling you to accurately forecast sales quotas, operating budgets, and track progress on the shop floor, in the warehouse and your distribution centers.

Whether you’re an OEM supplier or an aftermarket parts manufacturer, let EMA partner with you and help you to improve production flow and cycle times, and achieve cost efficiencies and enhanced profits.

The automotive industry has seen enormous growth over the past decade with many emerging trends that call for a change in automobile manufacturing practices: enhanced safety requirements, such as those related to CO2 emissions; the rise of new technologies, such as connective systems and autonomous vehicles; having to be cost-effective despite complex supply chains; and the increased need for transparency and good governance from automotive companies, especially regarding product recalls.

2.        Chemicals and Fertilizers
Grow, connect, streamline, and build your chemical manufacturing value chain.
Chemical Inventory Software – EMA Business Solutions for Chemicals Manufacturers

From commodities pricing volatility, economic uncertainty, globalization and industry consolidation to low margins, high fixed cost and changing regulatory requirements in the chemicals or plastics industry it’s clear you face steep challenges.

Optimizing manufacturing efficiency and flexibility, and improving customer relations and service, are key to your continued success, as is the management and control of hazardous materials and quality control. Low margins and high fixed costs in the industry mean that tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations are essential to maximize your profits in a competitive environment.

Whether you supply commodity, intermediate or tertiary products, managing one location or a multinational corporation, take your chemical business to the next level with a strong, integrated ERP technology foundation, from a vendor who knows how to solve your specific industry challenges. EMA’s chemical inventory software solution has the flexibility to help you meet the chemical industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities.

3.       Electronics
Provide better service and more sophisticated products, and deliver with speed and accuracy.
EMA ERP Software for Electronics, Appliance and Component Manufacturing

As a Manufacturer in the Electronics Manufacturing industry agility and speed in getting to market are critical to meet the challenges of constant product innovation, short product life cycles, high levels of obsolete inventory, and complex supply chains. To succeed, you need an ERP solution that enables automation, integration, visibility and cross-communication across your entire supply chain.

4.       Fabricated Metals
Gain greater insight into how you operate and more flexibility to stay ahead in a changing industry.

Using EMA ERP metal fabrication software, you are able to manage production costs, product quality, and on-time delivery by automating and integrating business processes and improving management information. From the front office to the factory floor, discover how EMA’s specialized manufacturing solutions can give you a 360-degree picture of what’s happening within your business.

As a manufacturers of fabricated metal products you know that success depends on tightly managing your complex supply chain – collaborating with customers to design the most effective products, while meeting quality, tolerance and material specifications. You also need to provide a full range of services from design to delivery, and maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements while operating effective continuous replenishment systems.

5.       Food and Beverage
Meet the demands for product traceability and innovation, while future-proofing your supply chain. With one of the biggest challenges facing Food and Beverage manufacturers today being that of meeting a constantly increasing host of compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as the need to report on exactly what’s going into the manufacturing process, packaging and traceability is becoming more and more important. This emphasis on compliance and good governance in the food industry has led to a subsequent focus on sustainability. This applies to all players in the industry such as distributors, retailers and restaurants – in fact, the entire supply chain.

To help food and beverage companies address their unique challenges, EMA has built visibility, transparency and sustainability reporting into our solution. By providing solutions that help food manufacturers achieve regulatory compliance, efficiency and profitability goals while ensuring food safety and customer satisfaction, EMA enables food companies to predictably manage the obstacles of the industry and continue to grow and increase profitability.

6.       Furniture and Fittings
Gain visibility and efficiency across your supply chain, and act fast on fluctuations in a stiffly competitive environment.

EMA has the flexibility to help you meet the business challenges, with ERP furniture manufacturing software solutions, for this highly competitive market, helping you gain significant efficiencies, streamline your supply chain, and get your furniture and related hardware to distributors and consumers faster than ever, even at high volume. All from a single integrated system, purpose-built for your industry needs.

You may have a passion for turning creative designs into beautiful and functional furniture, fixtures or accessories – but you need more than great craftsmanship to run a successful manufacturing business. Costs for raw materials, not to mention labor and transportation, are always in flux. Your catalog might include many thousands of product permutations in different colors, fabrics, metals, finishes, shapes and sizes, creating enormous complexity. Customers and distributors alike are putting pressure on you for faster delivery, more eco-friendly designs and lower pricing.

7.       Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Provide better service and more sophisticated products, and deliver with speed and accuracy.
EMA business solutions for Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers

As a Manufacturer in the Industrial Machinery and Equipment industry, you may be facing various business challenges including inaccurate supply chain and inventory forecasting, disconnected legacy systems, premature failure of machinery, delivering products faster, and volume demands.

These challenges, and the need for accurate price forecasting, strong financial controls and the ability to fully trace and implement warranties on goods, means you need an ERP system that has the capability to provide accurate costing, complex bills of materials and unique scheduling, meticulous and actionable traceability, end-to-end supply chain visibility and integral quality management capabilities.

8.       Medical Devices
Operate strategically with the visibility you need to support new innovations and future growth.
As one of the most highly regulated industries in the business world, medical device manufacturers experience countless challenges on a daily basis. Product traceability, strict quality requirements and compliance with the TFDA, government, and other regulatory requirements, are just some of the critical factors that can determine an organization’s success. Your business is dependent upon following closely controlled processes to produce superior products that meet stringent quality standards, while having the ability to provide documentation to validate all procedures. That’s why Class 1 and 2 medical device manufacturers turn to EMA for functionality that helps sustain their competitive advantage.

The EMA solution is designed to help you address these issues and manage the five key components of a medical manufacturing business: Design, Manufacture, Distribution, Maintenance and Service. EMA provides powerful manufacturing capabilities, with the tools needed to improve customer satisfaction with quick responses to changing consumer needs, gain full visibility into the supply chain that helps businesses exceed goals.

9.       Packaging
Go green, tightly manage your supply chain, and keep inventory turnover high.

Packaging has to be one of the most exciting – and daunting – industries. Consider the increased spotlight on the environmental impact of packaging materials and the negative publicity from media and lobby groups. Add the pressure from a better informed and conscious-driven consumer that has led to a growing demand for packaging that is aesthetically pleasing yet recyclable, while being reusable, compostable, biodegradable and even edible. It soon becomes clear that packaging that fails to meet these ever-more exacting standards will soon no longer have a place on the shelves. However, for packaging companies that can adapt and comply, the sky is the limit.

Whether your company produces recyclable cardboard, plastic roll stock, bags, pouches, shrink wrap, stretch film, boxes, bubble wrap or any other kind of packaging, you need to find ways to boost operational efficiency and quickly respond to evolving customer demands as well as changing regulations and market trends. Packaging companies need flexible management tools like EMA ERP that can address these issues and changes, while still allowing growing businesses to scale.

10.   Plastics and Rubber
Gain flexibility and sustainability in your processes while maintaining precision execution.Technological revolutions such as Industry 4.0 and the digital economy, combined with ever-increasing regulation and environmental protectionism laws, have put the plastics and rubber industry at the epicentre of new-age manufacturing processes. The use of plastics and rubber products in modern society will continue to expand just as rapidly as organizations innovate. Advances in polymers, resins and additives, coupled with the industry’s move toward e-commerce, mass customization and even 3D printing, add up to increasing complexity for your business, along with the effects of improved quality requirements.

Evolving your manufacturing technologies, tools, processes, and practices will forever affect the design, development, and production continuum in this industry. Discover how EMA  ERP software can give you 360-degree insight across your business so you can make faster, better decisions, and meet your sustainability goals while you transform your operations.

How EMA ERP Software addresses your your Industry Challenges

a)       Quote quickly and accurately

b)      Improve planning and scheduling

c)       Prepare accurate BOMs

d)      Improve speed to market

e)      Improve materials planning

f)        Improve returns management

g)       Manage Work-in-Progress

h)      Improve and control quality

i)        Manage bottlenecks

j)        Manage complex pricing

k)       Ensure compliance

l)        Facilitate calls-offs with suppliers.

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